88. If you talk about fries, you will want fries.

I was out last night. A fun event, a blogging/writing event, chatting with other moms who write about being a mom and everything that goes into that. Somehow, we started talking about French fries. Small, long, mushy, crunchy, truffle-drizzled, non-truffle-drizzled, you get my drift.

As we talked, the more I wanted fries. My stomach grumbled, my tummy gurgled. I thought about all different fries I have had: those on plates, those as sides, those in red boxes with large yellow Ms on them.

And then, we all looked at each other with that look. We all wanted fries.

When you talk about French fries, you will want to eat French fries. Not tomorrow, not eventually, but right then, or at least on your way home from wherever you are. No other food, I feel, has that effect.

Try it. Talk about ice cream or hamburgers or cupcakes.



Now, talk about French fries.



Originally posted on May 2, 2012.