Just a glimpse at some of my words that have appeared in print. It's a mash-up of everything from celebrity interviews to feature articles analyzing media and culture, from stories that document a makeover (mine) to personal essays on an evolving life (still mine). Yeah, I'm up for anything...


The editors asked for a personal essay for their October 2013 issue, and I gave them one...one they described as maybe "the most deceptively profound personal essay we've ever run about being a parent." 

Atad scary, a wee bit puzzling, yet ohso fascinating. I explore the culture of the tween in this cover feature for Adweek's Tween Issue.

In New York Family's September 2011 issue, I write about my "Denim Diaries" as I banish Mom Jeans from my wardrobe and give the Five Laws of Jeans to moms everywhere...with the help of Beckie and Martina, my Fairy Godmodels.

I meet the amazing duo, Beckie Klein and Martina Gordon aka The Re-Stylists, in the October 2010 issue of New York Family. How they became my Fairy GodModels, guided me out of my wardrobe comfort zone and into my fashionable new groove is documented in "Reduce, Reuse and Re-Style."

Who is the modern man? What does he want? In The Men's Issue of Adweek, I take a peek at the life of the opposite sex.

Topic: the issue of how dads are portrayed in the media over at Adweek. They’ve come a long way from the doofus dad, but is it far enough? That’s still up for debate.

Gretchen Mol and I talk about all things mommyhood-y in the November 2011 issue of New York Family. And yes, she seriously is as cool as she is gorgeous.


What does a flick-obsessed mom do when she takes her kid to the movies for the first time? Write about it for New York Family, of course. 

I had the opportunity to ask the top 2013 NYC mayoral candidates how their leadership will affect families in the August 2013 issue of New York Family. From Christine Quinn to Anthony Weiner, see what these politicians had to say about family life in the Big Apple.

Her thoughts on bassoon players, raising kids and more in this February 2012 interview with Samantha Bee...and there's no doubt, she IS that funny in person.

Self-aware mom of three Elisabeth Hasselbeck shared her wit and tales of raising kids in NYC. You will be surprised as you read our chat in New York Family's January 2011  issue.


Hints and how-tos of online shopping in the Winter 2013 issue of Cambria Style.