I wasn't sure if an About Me page would be right, cool, web site-kosher. I Google people, random people, you can find a buttload of personal info on strangers. A great procrastination tool. If you wanted to waste 18 minutes and Googled me, you would find a number of bios and facts, the details of my varied past (that sounds way sexier than it is), the jobs, the journey that got me to this place, as a writer, doing this. You would also find out my age, my maiden name, causes to which I've given money.  You would find that I live in New York City, the Upper West Side of Manhattan to be specific, with a husband and daughter.

So, here's what you won't find if you Google me. Consider them little, well, nuggets about me. In list form, though in no particular order.

1. I love all things jazz. Mingus, Bruebeck, Davis, Monk, Guaraldi.
2. Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack and my daughter’s laugh always usher me, scoot me, bop me right into my happy place.
3. I’ve been known to cry while in my happy place. I am a crier by nature. Give me that AT&T commercial when the girl is in her first apartment and phones her dad to tell him she misses him. Dude, I’m fillin' buckets.
4. Things that make me so nervous I could fill buckets with sweat: getting my haircut, oncoming subway trains, watching my daughter climb way up high on the jungle gym at the playground.
5. I am afraid of heights. Open-sided escalators at malls and movie theaters give me the heebee-jeebees.
6. I love seeing New York City in the movies. I saw “You’ve Got Mail” in the same theater they used in the scene where Greg Kinnear and Meg Ryan start their break-up. It gave me goosebumps.
7. I will watch “You’ve Got Mail” anytime it is on. No matter what. Even in Spanish.
8. I don’t know Spanish.
9. I usually misspell Spanish (I spell it Spainish).
10. I was a proofreader for 10 years, the lifespan of a platypus and double that of a Norwegian Rat.
11. I am allergic to most animals and all nuts.
12. My husband describes me as a little crazy, and he hates playing poker with me...because I am a "wild card".
13. I want my daughter to learn how to play poker.
14. I’ve never been to Vegas or Europe or Finland.
15. I am half Finnish, though born in Enid, Oklahoma, which is an oft-used four-letter crossword puzzle answer.
16. Another four-letter word is “cute,” which is one of the six words I despise (niche, pamphlet, virulent, acrid and stupid round out the sextuplet). I don’t even use "cute" to describe my daughter.
17. My daughter has a blankie. Named Blankie. If there was a fire, I would run past photo albums, my wallet, laptop computer and the wine to grab Blankie first.
18. I still have my blankie (also named Blankie) and sucked the middle two fingers on my right hand until the fifth grade.
19. In the fifth grade, I started playing the drums and continued until I went to college.
20. I entered college as a physics major.
21. I know what Chaos Theory and String Theory are. No really, ask me.
22. If I could ask God one question, it would be: “Can I have two questions? I am tragically indecisive.”